Rules Of The Game

Why are we on earth? We are here for one reason. To create. People in the golden third ratio are doing this consciously. It doesn’t matter what you do, nothing is good or bad. Every thought you have, every action you take, every word you speak is creating something in your life. Just because you may not want to believe in gravity does not mean it does not exist. The forgotten laws or creating work in the exact same way.

A breif summary of how it works: everything in this universe is energy. You are energy, the food you eat is energy, your thoughts are energy, the flus you have are energy. Some are high and some low. To create in life you must change the frequency of your energy. That can be done in so many ways. The beliefs you’ve been programmed with are most likely holding you back. watch How Your Psycho Cybernetic Mechanism Holds You Back on motivational videos page. Changing beliefs Is easy. Also change your diet to raise your energy. The reason to do this is because you are a living electro-magnetic field. You are a magnet for similar energy in this universe. The heart and brain produce an electro-magnetic field together, which influences the reality around us.

The atoms that make up the physical world are 99.9999% empty. This was proved by the double slit experiment. Your brain and heart are working together to present you with your future, circumstances in your life, everything!


Russel Brand on Energy

Gregg Braden

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