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Michael Phelps Keys To Success

tumblr_mln797lH5K1s02386o1_5001. Focus

Michael says, when he is focused on something he wants more than anything. There is nothing and no one that can stand in his way. You must have laser like focus to be the best. When training for the Olympics Michael would swim every single day of the year. He had no days off. The reason he did this is because everyone else had Sundays off. He believed if he worked the extra 52 days that the other swimmers had off, he would have a bigger advantage and he would be more prepared to win at the Olympics.

2. Believe in your self

Michael and Bob’s mantra is Dream, Plan, and Reach. Bob Bowman is Michael’s coach. Bod has been a huge part of Michaels success. Bob taught Michael how to believe in himself.

3. Make meaningful Goals

One of the biggest goals that Michael had, was to change the sport of swimming. He says, in 2000 at the swim trials there were 5 reporters. In 2008, swimming had become the premier sport in the Olympics. The fan base has grown exponentially.
Also, Michael feels as if he has no job. The sport of swimming is his passion and that is why he is so successful.

4. Challenge yourself

Bob told Michael that he could not use the words cant and no. He had to remove those two words from his vocabulary. This helped Michael to realize that he can do anything he puts his mind to. That is how Michael approaches every goal that he has. Make a big goal, have focus, work hard and you will achieve it.

5. visualization

Michael was told by his coach Bob, to visualize before going to sleep, what you would like to happen in an upcoming race and also what he would not want to happen. Michael says, that visualization helped him to be prepared for anything. When preparation meets opportunity, that is when you are successful.

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Attack Your Fears

The only way to face and get over your fears is to first identify them.

Then, think of something that you are more afraid of. For example, if you want to be a political figure, but you are afraid of speaking publicly, then think of how it would feel to not achieve your goal at all. Not achieving my goal is a bigger fear to me, because I don’t want to regret anything in life. So find a way to get over your fear. Join a public speaking class. Most of the time when a dream is very important to someone, they will find a way to somehow accomplish their goals/dreams.

Change the way you look at fear. Look at fear as a motivator. So many people in the world complain about not having any motivation, but are very fearful of everything. Use your fear to accomplish the biggest goals in your life.

“Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice.”  Will Smith

Choose to take control of your situation!


Goal Setting

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself

According to Steve Chandler, who is a successful author of more than 30 books, the top 5 ways to motivate yourself:

Live In The Now

Live life as if you may die at any moment. Do not leave any thing up to chance. Do the things that you have planned to do in the future, today!

Create a Vision

You wont know where you are going, if you have no destination in your mind. Make daily, short-term and long term goals! “What you
do is create a vision of who you want to be, and then live into that
picture as if it were already true.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Focus on what you want to achieve and work hard to achieve it. Do not pay attention to any of the negative thoughts you may have, self-doubt or negative people that do not support you. “When you focus on being a happy and motivated person, that is who you will be” Steve Chandler

Build a Track Record

The things we do in life are not what make us tired; its the things that we don’t do. An unfinished task causes the most fatigue in life. If you feel like you never fully finish a task, create a notebook of daily goals/tasks that you want to accomplish/finish and cross them out after finishing them. The more things you cross out, the more confident you will be in yourself.

Definitely Plan Your Work

“There is one unbeatable rule for the mastery of sorrows and disappointments, and that is the transmutation of those
emotional frustrations through definitely planned work. It is a rule which has no equal.” Napoleon Hill

Basically this means when you are depressed or angry about certain things, that is the best time to plan work and commit yourself to it. 1 hour of planning saves 3 hours of execution. When you plan your life, you will feel empowered.

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