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The Pursuit of Happiness

The source of happiness comes from three things in life, for every single person. Those three things are pleasure, passion and purpose.

Happiness derived from pleasure is the least lasting. I think the reason for that is because when we rely on happiness from pleasure, as soon as the thing we are getting pleasure from is gone, so is the happiness. So if you are happy eating junk food, even though you know its bad for you, as soon as the food is gone, so is the happiness. That’s probably why your hunger is never truly fulfilled from the bad food. Or a certain substance is the major source of happiness for you, then you will become an addict of the substance. Soon you will become dependent on the pleasure as a source of happiness.

The second form of happiness comes from passion, this is also not as long lasting. But it is a step in the right direction. This is because if fuels the source of ultimate happiness.

The ultimate source of happiness is purpose. When you have a reason to wake up in the morning, or your goals are powered by a big why, that is going to bring you the most amount of happiness. People living life with a purpose are going to be deeply fulfilled. A good example is Mike Krzyzewski, basketball coach at Duke University. He has won 3 NCAA championships, 2 gold medals as the coach of the USA team and the all time most winningest coach in College ball. You would  think his purpose is to win right? Nope.

“I am not a basketball coach. I am a leader who coaches basketball. I have three goals for all my players—to make them a good student, a good citizen, and a good person, that is my purpose.”

Living with purpose means you are living the golden third life.

The Golden Third

Golden Third