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Create your own Reality

Did you know that we create our reality with every thought we have and every word we speak. You could have argued that this cannot be real but now Dr Masaru Emoto’s experiments have proven otherwise. He has been studying and working with water for more than 20 years. His groundbreaking research and discovery, that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness, has gained worldwide attention.

Dr. Emoto’s experiment was to observe what would happen if he exposed water to certain words, pictures, and music. The findings were remarkable. His discoveries:

The result was that we always observed beautiful crystals after giving good words, playing good music, and playing, or offering pure prayer to water. On the other hand, we observed disfigured crystals in the opposite situation.

So how does all of this relate to our own reality. Our bodies are 70 to 90% water, we cannot survive without water. Our thoughts and words are what determine if the water inside us is harmonized or an unorganized mess. The thoughts we have affect not only ourselves, but the world around us. The water inside our bodies is a magnet. If the water is structured and harmonized then it has more magnetic power to attract the situations we want in life. To further understand this concept, watch the documentary: Water- The Great Mystery

Dr. Masaru agrees with Einsteins theory of energy. Einstein said that everything is energy. This means that the thoughts you think, the words you speak and the situations in your life all have a certain energy vibration. They could be high or low, it depends on you !

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