Health Benefits of Negative Ions

First of all what are negative charged ions? Atoms consist of protons and neutrons, which are at the center of the atom. Orbiting the neutrons and protons are electrons. If the number of protons and electrons is equal, then the atom is considered to be neutral. If the number of protons is greater than electrons, then the atom is a cation or positive ion. If the number of electrons is greater than protons, then the atom is a negative ion.

atomsThe negative ions purify the air by attracting pollutants, bacteria, dust, and other contaminants in the air. Since dust particles and other contaminants have a positive charge, they are  magnetically attracted to negative ions. When enough of these particles are clumped up together, they fall to the ground. They still need to be vacuumed off the ground, but the benefit of them being on the ground is that you are not breathing in the harmful air.

Major Benefits of Negative Ions

  1.  Improve the body’s metabolism and strengthens its immune system (Read More)
  2.  Improvement in moods, concentration and sleep, effectively relieve stress and fatigue, cure headaches and fight depression (Read More)
  3.  Eliminate dust, pollen and various pollutants, relief from allergies, asthma, bronchitis, removing bacteria from the air (Read More)
  4.  Negative ions counteract the effects of smoking (Read more)
  5.  Promotion of alpha brain waves, leading to faster learning and better memory (Read more)

Since there are so many benefits of negative ions, hospitals should be required to ionize the air.

The concentration of negative ions is very distinct in different environments.


100,000 – 1,000,000

Forest, grass fields, beaches

50,000 – 100,000


100 – 1,000

Air conditioned rooms

0 – 100

*Negative ions per cubic centimeter

Do you remember the amazing feeling of refreshing air in the forest, but particularly near a waterfall? Now you know the reason!

Negative Ion Study Done in South Korea

An easy way of negatively ionizing the air in your home or work area is by purchasing a Himalayan salt lamps. These lamps can increase negative ions in the air by 300%. Another way of increasing the negative ions is by simulating a water fall. You can do this by purchasing a water fountain. The constant crashing of water will create a lot of negative ions.

Other Negative ion studies:

PROJECT: AIR (Atmospheric Ion Research)

Negative Ions and Computers

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