Brain Frequencies


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The brain produces four main frequencies. The four brain frequencies are: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta waves. These are produced at different times of the day. When we are awake during the day, while you read this, your brain is emitting Beta waves. Before going to sleep, when you are relaxed, your eyes are closed, the brain begins to produce Alpha waves. Theta waves are produced in deep meditation. This is where the brain can come up with very creative ideas. The brain is emitting a frequency which is similar to the frequency of the earth. Many people use this frequency to solve problems. Finally, Delta waves are emitted by the brain while you are in REM sleep.

So how can you use these frequencies in daily life. When you are in Alpha wave, this is the best time to reprogram your mind for a new belief. When the brain emits Alpha waves, you are the most susceptible to learn at a very quick rate. Children from birth to about the age of 7 are continuously in Alpha waves. That is why children learn so quickly at a young age.

When Alpha waves are being emitted, this is the best time for students to study for an exam. When you are relaxed, you can absorb the most amount of information. The least effective way of studying is when you are cramming and stressed out.

If you are goal oriented, then the best time to write down your goal/plan you want to put into action, is before sleeping and right when you wake up. The rate at which you will accomplish your goal is multiplied by 1000. This is because your subconscious mind, which directs 95% of your life, goes into work to accomplish the goals for you. It does this by presenting the perfect opportunities and introducing you to people that will help in order for you to accomplish your plan.

How Brain Waves Work

The Golden Third


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