Big Dream, Bigger Team


In order to achieve your greatest goals/dreams, you must create an empowered team. The bigger your dream is the bigger your team must be. Your team has to be big in size and competencies as well. The most successful entrepreneurs recognize this early in their plan to create a mega successful business.

You’ve got to be a great talent scout because no matter how smart you are, you need a team of great people. You’ve got to figure out how to size people up fairly quickly. You must make quick decisions without knowing people too well, hire them and see how you do. Refine your intuition and to help build an organization that can eventually just build itself, because you need great people around you.

 Steve Jobs

To become a leader in your business that your employees will look up to and follow, you must be able to motivate and manage them. How do you do this?

Learn to become an effective manager that benefits the organisation and the people there. In Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson’s book The One Minute Manager, the authors believe that the people working for you are the most important resource. The first task of the one minute manager is to align the vision of the employees with the business. This can be achieved with one minute goal setting. Spend time making measurable goals. This way the employee know what they  are being held accountable for. Also, evaluate if the goals have been achieved. lastly, provide feedback on the results. Feedback is a great way to motivate your employees.

The second secret of an effective manager is to praise your employees. Too often managers focus on catching people doing something wrong. A successful manager knows  that praising people for their hard work is the key to a successful employee. This goes back to the first step, which again affirms that both of you are on the same page and side. Successful employees rise quicker in the organisation. Employees feel successful when they are praised. They are also much more beneficial to the business, because they treat the business as if it is their own.

The last step is one minute reprimand. This works best when you are direct and specific. Be tough on the performance, not the person. The goal of the reprimand is to bring the employee back on track, and align them again with the greater vision. Performance review should be an ongoing process, not a one time event at the end of the year.

Engage your Team

If your employees are not engaged, then you are not operating at your maximum capacity. Basically you can make more money just by engaging your employees.

Be a Better Leader

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