What if you were a CEO

What if you were a CEO in the future? What advice would you give your younger self?

First of all, when you think of a CEO, you think of the huge responsibility they have to lead a massive company, with millions of customers and also the very demanding shareholders. It is not a job that many can do, simply because they would not be able to handle the pressure. You must have some important characteristics to fit the position.

What skills, competencies, characteristics would you need to have in order to become a successful CEO. Think about it; become it.

CEO of Giant, Alibaba Company


Big Dream, Bigger Team


In order to achieve your greatest goals/dreams, you must create an empowered team. The bigger your dream is the bigger your team must be. Your team has to be big in size and competencies as well. The most successful entrepreneurs recognize this early in their plan to create a mega successful business.

You’ve got to be a great talent scout because no matter how smart you are, you need a team of great people. You’ve got to figure out how to size people up fairly quickly. You must make quick decisions without knowing people too well, hire them and see how you do. Refine your intuition and to help build an organization that can eventually just build itself, because you need great people around you.

 Steve Jobs

To become a leader in your business that your employees will look up to and follow, you must be able to motivate and manage them. How do you do this?

Learn to become an effective manager that benefits the organisation and the people there. In Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson’s book The One Minute Manager, the authors believe that the people working for you are the most important resource. The first task of the one minute manager is to align the vision of the employees with the business. This can be achieved with one minute goal setting. Spend time making measurable goals. This way the employee know what they  are being held accountable for. Also, evaluate if the goals have been achieved. lastly, provide feedback on the results. Feedback is a great way to motivate your employees.

The second secret of an effective manager is to praise your employees. Too often managers focus on catching people doing something wrong. A successful manager knows  that praising people for their hard work is the key to a successful employee. This goes back to the first step, which again affirms that both of you are on the same page and side. Successful employees rise quicker in the organisation. Employees feel successful when they are praised. They are also much more beneficial to the business, because they treat the business as if it is their own.

The last step is one minute reprimand. This works best when you are direct and specific. Be tough on the performance, not the person. The goal of the reprimand is to bring the employee back on track, and align them again with the greater vision. Performance review should be an ongoing process, not a one time event at the end of the year.

Engage your Team

If your employees are not engaged, then you are not operating at your maximum capacity. Basically you can make more money just by engaging your employees.

Be a Better Leader

Is It Worth Investing In Gambling?

Some people enjoy gambling as a form of relaxation or as a hobby they can put into practice every time they have the spare time or the necessary resources for it. Others think of it as a cash cow they can milk every time they need some extra money to cover expenses they do not necessarily need to make. More professionally put, gambling is staking on a contingency. But have you ever thought of the connection between trading and gambling? Gambling tends to make its way into lots of trading practices, yet not all traders are aware of their hidden gambling tendencies.

Are You Using Your Impulse?

Most people who confront with gambling problems are not quick to admit they do have an issue. This is usually true for people who use their impulses when gambling, and who are having a hard time telling others they cannot hit the break whenever confronted with a new investment opportunity or a new gambling chance in a new hot casino. The allure of gambling is mostly due to the fact that players get the impression they will soon enough win a satisfying jackpot, so it is worth to keep playing. There are also people who feel the pressure of their peers or the pressure of the society in general and even though they are not particularly interested in gambling, they do it anyway. This usually happens during Las Vegas escapades with friends or co-workers during the weekends, when gambling seems like the logical thing to do. And things tend to get out of hand when surrounded by euphoric people wagering nonstop – and winning. People feel pressured to conform by the social circle they belong to. They resent feeling left out, so they do things they would not normally do under different circumstances.

Nevertheless, if kept under the control and done the right and responsible way, gambling can be a good pastime or an effective means of making an investment. Websites like http://www.acekingdom.com are simplifying things even more, as they enable players to exercise their desire to play from the comfort of their home or remote locations, when they have some spare time to fill in with a hand of poker or a couple of rounds of slots. One of the main reasons why so many people prefer to use online casinos and gaming rooms is the money issue. Namely, most casinos like the Ace Kingdom one for example offer good discounts and free casino money for new players creating their accounts online and makign their first or additional deposits. The more loyal you are the more you gamble with a certain casino, the more royally you will be treated. A welcome bonus deal of a 200% up to $300 for a first deposit sounds like an open invitation for a pleasant stay there. If we add the second and third deposit bonuses, the Wednesday Spin Collector, the weekly bonus, the comp point system, or the rest of the exclusive bonuses and special personalized offers that will be sent out to players' email inboxes, we have even more reasons to play online. Add the impressively complex selection of games such as Premium European Roulette, Blackjack, Iron Man 3, Age of Gods, the Marvel selection of slots, Roulette Live, or poker, and the ability to play for free or for real money and you might discover a brand new hobby worth investing in.

Stranger Days Ahead, with Stranger Progress

The intermingling and hybridization of world cultures may appear to have an unstoppable momentum. Meanwhile, the flaws and weaknesses of the human condition itself can be seen everywhere, globally, from the micro to the macro, since our media and news are showing us more reflections than ever before in human history.

From Truth to Tolerance

If it is true, that humanity finally is moving in the direction of greater empathy driven by technologies that are exposing our similarities to an epic degree, then it stands to reason that a global era of new tolerance and cooperation is very possible.

However lest we slip into a state of hopeful naivety, it would be fair to point out that experiences like greed, aggression, envy, avarice, insensitivity toward others and so forth are not likely to disappear. Instead, they may even increase, or seem to increase, when more people have new opportunities to witness the bare-bone realities of human life, all over the world.

It is our response to human frailties that may be changing in unprecedented ways. We probably will find more of extremes in responding to the human condition as we witness it more and more exposed: greater disavowal and greater acceptance.

Whenever people (across cultures, nationalities, languages, and so on) do find themselves in a more honest and more accepting attitude toward themselves and others (and not liable to act from “survival mode”) then it does seem natural that this will engender more tolerance, right? What if radical tolerance became more than merely a meme, but entered a kind of global common knowledge of what is imperative and necessary?

From Superficial to Profound

If the optimistic comments above seem too wishfully abstract, then let’s take a concrete example to test this idea that more tolerance and acceptance is on the way this century, shall we?

Some say we live in a crazily superficial age. Some observe that in certain places there is a troubling return to conservative patterns like more class divisions, artificial separations people groups, more racism. Others just can’t believe the world could de-volve after gaining something as unifying as the Internet, to which all countries contribute and which is enjoyed by most everybody who uses it.

Here’s a possibility: perhaps grade forms of progress, like tolerance and acceptance, are coming about in smaller ways, as baby steps, and in unexpected places or settings. Social media, for example, may be written off as so many forms of trivial narcissism — however, what if healthy exposure to these forums has been decreasing how many polarities that we see the human world?

There is another contemporary medium that mixes entertainment, communication and art forms, as well as deploying some of the most sophisticated technologies: it is cutting edge computer gaming. Mobile gaming also is a massively popular new pastime, if you will, that may be all too easy to underestimate.

How Games May Be Changing Our Reality

Is it strange that during decades of economic uncertainty around the world, meanwhile online gambling has been becoming more legitimate, safer, more reliable, cheaper, easier to learn, vastly more popular than land-based casinos, and, even more legal? When times are tough there seem to be two possible responses, which are conservatism and progressivism.

When people become progressive during uncertain periods then we might consider this a kind of gambling on the future (rather than trying to consolidate any bits of security from familiar things and habits).

Now, if we look closely at the real boom of interest and participation in online gambling (and you may even include the fact that poker tournaments have become televised content for spectators also) two things may come to mind: one, people generally could be getting more comfortable with the idea of risk and taking chances, and two, taboos about hobbies like gambling are breaking down and people do not fear being judged negatively (for example, celebrities playing cards openly in Vegas).

It may not be so much that games are changing our reality but that they are reinforcing how our realities are changing, and providing an exciting and fresh format for people to experience a dropping of past prejudices against activities and against other kinds of people. After all, players of online games including casinos seem to care more about their common experiences rather than the identities of other players.

Online casino software that permits live multi-player poker rounds, for example, will often place people together according to their betting and skill levels, and people find themselves in the company of other players from anywhere in the world. The record breaking diversity of games introduced last year (see http://www.classycasinos.co.uk/new-in-2015) proves that this inclusive, barrier-busting type of fun is very popular indeed.

It seems rather reasonable to say that we are in for many surprises during this century regarding ways in which significant social and cultural and political changes come about, and that new media cannot be written off so easily (least of all online gaming).


Why Safety Should Always Come First

You always hear people telling you to put safety first, and you are probably wondering why is everybody so obsessed about the topic – that is, unless you have personally gone through a robbery or a home/office intrusion. Both in the offline and online world, safety is a must, at the centerpiece of pretty much everything we do from driving a car on a crowded road to surfing the web. This is why we need to pull out heads out of the clouds and make sure that we are fully aware of everything going on around us on a constant basis.

Review Safety Basics Constantly

You are going to have to have to do this especially if you are ready to do something new, such as starting up a new manufacturing business or even opening a new office for your business where there will be a lot of office equipment lying around. Everything can turn into potential threat and hazard if not handled carefully from day one, according to guidelines and clear instructions and safety plans. The last thing you will want to do is have to worry about the lawsuit that one of your employees has intended to you because they accidentally tripped over a computer cable and fell inside the office, breaking a leg or spraining an ankle.

Make sure you have clear office regulations instructing everyone how to behave in a safe manner around printing machines, coffee makers, microwaves, or computers, no liquids around them, no electric improvisations – these are just a few of the very basic measures you will need to implement effectively and not just on paper.

Safety Threats Can Affect Your Business

And they can do it at a large scale, forcing you at times to stop the manufacturing process or be unable to reach your clients and generate losses. You will need to make sure that your business venue, manufacturing halls, and warehouses and storage rooms or garages all have sturdy, professional and well maintained locks on the doors. Getting in touch with a professional locksmith that handles commercial services is therefore a must. Fellows like the ones at Nationwide Locksmith can cater to the needs of a variety of customers, including home and car owners who need help with fixing or installing their locks. They work in all states and cover all areas, and they promise a fast response times in case of lockout emergencies. They are therefore some of the best people for the job, especially since you can get in touch with them over the phone at (855) 366-7112 or via their online form in case you do not dispose of a cell or you cannot make a call at the time of your lockout. Do not let something like an accidental car or office lockout affect your regular course of action and daily errands and chores. Be prepared, stay vigil, and create a clear maintenance, repair, and inspection schedule for all locks and the rest of your security services: surveillance cameras, alarm systems, sensors, intercom systems, and whatever else you might be using to keep your building and business safe.

If you are not sure which are the best dead bolt locks or mortise locks for your doors, or which small locks to pick for your windows, you can rely on the expertise of a professional.


Leads from Social Media

Golden Third

Every industry has  been affected by the internet; this post is about social media to be specific. Generating leads through the internet is a vital way of generating leads for your business to be successful. The way customers look for products/services today opposed to the past is very different. Google and other search engines are the primary sites used to find  local and global businesses. If you are not on the first page of Google, you are definitely losing potential customers to your competitors. That is why there are soo many new companies that help local and global businesses get noticed on the internet. Continuously reminding your target market of your product/service is the only way to thrive. Where is your target market. The target, depending on what type of business you have, is now on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter. There are other platforms, but I think these are the big 3.

This video shows how the website fiver can be used to get a lot of followers on twitter.  He also shows how to use the software Tweet Adder to use twitter to its fullest potential. Twitter and other social media platforms are the best way to  reach your target market.

If you want to direct traffic to a website, or just want people to follow you on twitter, this is a great video.

Use Twitter to Generate Leads


Increase Sales


A few theories on how to take your business to the next level, from people who study very successful people:

Increase your Fail Rate: 

A very simple theory that says all you have to do is increase your fail rate. Whatever you are doing, do more of it. Along with the your fail rate going up, your success rate will also increase. Doubling your fail rate will double your success rate. Try it.

Increase Face Time

Increase the amount of time you spend in front of your potential clients/customers. So many reasons this should be done. This continuously reminds potential customers e to use your product or service. This is done by the biggest companies in the world on a daily basis. It is the main reason for commercials. When you continuously remind potential customers of your brand, they will think of your product or service when the need for it comes up. You are programming their brain subconsciously.

80/20 Rule 

Focus on the 20% of activities that produce 80% of the income. For most businesses, that means to acquire new customers or brand awareness or quality of product/service. Identify what those things are that are producing your revenue and focus on them.


The Golden Third


Investing 101

One of the smartest things you can do in your life is make the decision to invest your money. The sooner the better! The richest and smartest members of the Golden Third know how to use their money to make more money. You should be making a retirement plan from the first time you have a job.

A simple savings account/GIC/Term Deposit  is not good enough. The reason for this is because most of these savings instruments offer a return on investment which is lower than the inflation rate. Inflation is the increase of prices on goods and services over a certain period of time. Essentially, every year the buying power of your money  is decreasing. The average inflation rate for 2014 in Canada was 1.95%.(Historical Inflation Rates).Right of the bat, your investment has to earn you more than 2% , just to break even. A simple savings account earns you .125%. A credit card usually charges interest at 19%. So the first goal is to pay off debts and then save.

Compounding Interest

This is a great video that shows how compounding interest works.

Simply “putting aside” money is not good enough. Assume you have $20,000 to invest and you put aside $415 every month for 40 years and DO NOT put it in a compounding instrument, you end up with only $199,200( # of months in year * # of years * $415) …… 12*40*415=  $199,200.

Now lets say you put the same $20,000 into a compounding instrument at 6%. Every month you deposit $415, which is about $5,000 a year. If you continuously do this for 40 years, you will have $1,000,000. If you start at 25 years old, 40 years later when you are ready for retirement, you will have $1,000,000 for your retirement spending! Try it yourself. Compunding interest Calc. You thought investing was risky? Not investing is much more risky!

So what are some investments that will earn you more than 2%. Mutual Funds are great investments, but they are a lot more volatile than your average investment. Dynamic Power American Growth Fund had an amazing return of 56% in 2014. Mutual Funds may have amazing years and horrible years as well, but the average return of a mutual fund over a long period of time is about 8 – 10%.

Start Thinking Differently

Broke people do this: They get a paycheck which is their revenue. They take that revenue and buy random stuff, the random stuff are their expenses. They are the consumers in the world.

Middle Class does this: They get paid and they buy liabilities, but they think these liabilities are assets. These liabilities are cars, houses etc. These liabilities are usually paid back on some sort of payment plan. These become their expenses.

Golden Thirds: People that are rich are aware of how their money can make them more money. When they earn their money, they buy assets. These assets in return give them more money. It becomes a cycle, this is when you can afford to make purchases.

This video makes it easy to understand revenue/expenses/liabilities. Learn how the rich get rich. They think differently than the average person. Open a business and benefit from the tax benefits. Tax is one of the biggest expenses in your life.

Live the The Golden Third Life!



How About a Step in the Right Direction?

The difference between Ron Paul and President Obama is  that Obama sells the population on hope of change. Ron Paul actually offers steps towards what are viable solutions to the problems our countries are facing. Unlike the majority of congressmen, Ron Paul does NOT give politically correct answers.

Some legitimate questions asked by Congressman Paul in the speech are:

Why are sick people that use medical marijuana put in jail? I’ll answer that in one sentence. The Health Industry would fail if it actually healed people. There are so many alternatives to the present cancer treatments, they are obviously highly suppressed.

Why does the federal government restrict the consumption of raw milk? Raw Milk Doc.

Why cant Hemp be grown in America? It is a clear solution to so many of the scarcity problems we think we have. Hemp Use Doc.

Why does the change in the political party in power have absolutely no effect on the change in policy? Probably because both parties have the same views.

Why is it political suicide to question APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation?

Why hasn’t the government given up on the drug war, when it is a clear failure? Denver is a great example of how legalization will lead to a decrease in crime. Great article.

Why would the banks and corporations get bailed out, while the people of the country lose jobs. The Corporations have been created for the purpose of making products/services for the people of the country. If the people of the country cannot even afford the products, what good is the bailout.

Why is the Gold Standard not used? Why has the currency been purposely debased? One of his best interviews, Ron Paul on commodities, freedom and sound money.

The real reason Ron Paul was not the next president of America is because he asked too many real questions. Anyone that asks questions like these is a threat to the system that has been put in place. According to past presidents, the questions asked are not even problems. How could they even be acknowledged.

Having this knowledge will help you in making decisions about investing, health choices and you will also have a view of the bigger picture. Think like a member of THE GOLDEN THIRD.




Brain Frequencies


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The brain produces four main frequencies. The four brain frequencies are: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta waves. These are produced at different times of the day. When we are awake during the day, while you read this, your brain is emitting Beta waves. Before going to sleep, when you are relaxed, your eyes are closed, the brain begins to produce Alpha waves. Theta waves are produced in deep meditation. This is where the brain can come up with very creative ideas. The brain is emitting a frequency which is similar to the frequency of the earth. Many people use this frequency to solve problems. Finally, Delta waves are emitted by the brain while you are in REM sleep.

So how can you use these frequencies in daily life. When you are in Alpha wave, this is the best time to reprogram your mind for a new belief. When the brain emits Alpha waves, you are the most susceptible to learn at a very quick rate. Children from birth to about the age of 7 are continuously in Alpha waves. That is why children learn so quickly at a young age.

When Alpha waves are being emitted, this is the best time for students to study for an exam. When you are relaxed, you can absorb the most amount of information. The least effective way of studying is when you are cramming and stressed out.

If you are goal oriented, then the best time to write down your goal/plan you want to put into action, is before sleeping and right when you wake up. The rate at which you will accomplish your goal is multiplied by 1000. This is because your subconscious mind, which directs 95% of your life, goes into work to accomplish the goals for you. It does this by presenting the perfect opportunities and introducing you to people that will help in order for you to accomplish your plan.

How Brain Waves Work

The Golden Third