What if you were a CEO


What if you were a CEO in the future? What advice would you give your younger self? First of all, when you think of a CEO, you think of the huge responsibility they have to lead a massive company, with millions of customers and also...

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Big Dream, Bigger Team


  In order to achieve your greatest goals/dreams, you must create an empowered team. The bigger your dream is the bigger your team must be. Your team has to be big in size and competencies as well. The most successful entrepreneurs recognize this early in...

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Is It Worth Investing In Gambling?

Some people enjoy gambling as a form of relaxation or as a hobby they can put into practice every time they have the spare time or the necessary resources for it. Others think of it as a cash cow they can milk every time they...

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Stranger Days Ahead, with Stranger Progress

The intermingling and hybridization of world cultures may appear to have an unstoppable momentum. Meanwhile, the flaws and weaknesses of the human condition itself can be seen everywhere, globally, from the micro to the macro, since our media and news are showing us more reflections...

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Why Safety Should Always Come First

You always hear people telling you to put safety first, and you are probably wondering why is everybody so obsessed about the topic – that is, unless you have personally gone through a robbery or a home/office intrusion. Both in the offline and online world,...

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Leads from Social Media


Golden Third Every industry has  been affected by the internet; this post is about social media to be specific. Generating leads through the internet is a vital way of generating leads for your business to be successful. The way customers look for products/services today opposed...

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Increase Sales


  A few theories on how to take your business to the next level, from people who study very successful people: Increase your Fail Rate:  A very simple theory that says all you have to do is increase your fail rate. Whatever you are doing,...

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Investing 101


One of the smartest things you can do in your life is make the decision to invest your money. The sooner the better! The richest and smartest members of the Golden Third know how to use their money to make more money. You should be...

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How About a Step in the Right Direction?


The difference between Ron Paul and President Obama is  that Obama sells the population on hope of change. Ron Paul actually offers steps towards what are viable solutions to the problems our countries are facing. Unlike the majority of congressmen, Ron Paul does NOT give...

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Brain Frequencies


The brain produces four main frequencies. The four brain frequencies are: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta waves. These are produced at different times of the day. When we are awake during the day, while you read this, your brain is emitting Beta waves. Before going...

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